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London regional Attractions and Activities

When it comes to attractions in London there are enough fun things to do to keep you busy for a year. Of course sometimes the most memorable experiences are also the simplest. In London it’s hard to beat tasting street food around Borough food market, searching out a retro bargain at Camden Market or romantic sunset stroll along the banks of the Thames on a summer evening. Standing outside Buckingham Palace to observe the Changing of the Guard has to top everyone’s bucket list right?

Whilst the list of list of things to experience in London can go on and on, there are also hundreds of dedicated attractions for visitors of all shapes and sizes. There are the classic essentials such as Madame Tussauds Waxworks Museum, the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London and now a ride on the London Eye. But what about the lesser known or newer attractions? How about a ride down the world’s longest tunnel slide at the Olympic Park? Or a high speed RIB boat ride along the river Thames? Have you seen the new Shrek Adventure attraction or the Warner Bros Studio Harry Potter tour?

With so much to do in one massive city, it’s hard to see why you might even venture outside of London; that is of course until you realise how much there is to do outside of London too!  

Isle of Mull Landmarks

Where better to go for historic landmarks than London itself? It's hard to swing a cat without hitting a famous piece of history in London. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Nelson's Column and that's just to start you off!

Isle of MullMuseums

London's Planetarium, Natural History Museum, Tate Modern, National Portrait gallery, War rooms... the list goes on and on. All world class, all fascinating and mostly free entry. What more could you need?

Isle of MullLondon Theatre's

London's West End is the ultimate stage for budding actors and performers across the globe. Rivaled only by Broadway, it doesn't matter what show you go to see in the West End it is sure to live up to expectation.

Isle of MullUnique Attractions in the London Region

Activities unique to London are in no short supply. As well as riding a classic red bus and making a call in a red phone box, there's stacks to keep you occupied including unending shopping opportunities, a ride on the London eye and a tour of the tower of London!
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