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North West England Attractions and Activities

The North West of England is one of our favourite areas, and not just because it’s where we’re based! As well as some of Britain’s most spectacular scenery and vibrant cities it is a hub for sport, music, arts and culture. Manchester and Liverpool are home to top sports teams, incredible museums, music history legends and of course, the birthplace of the industrial revolution. Both cities are alive with incredibly historic buildings and a unique charm which goes hand in hand with fast paced but sensitive waterfront developments and modernisation.

These incredible cities are in direct contrast to the stunning scenery provided by the Lake District National Park. An area which boasts stunning mountains, England’s largest lake and quaint English villages has plenty of attractions to offer including steam railways, museums, castles and of course all things Beatrix Potter.

Blackpool is different again, a seaside town with huge amusement park, a famous tower and of course, a mecca for ballroom dancing. It’s not classy, but it is a lot of fun. The smaller cities of Chester and Lancaster both have incredible history dating back to early Britain as well as City Walls, Cathedral, Castle and a Roman Amphitheatre between them.

Isle of Mull Historic Landmarks

The North West of England is packed with fantastic historical landmarks. From ancient castles, medieval cathedrals and stately homes to Roman fortresses, the north west has it all.

Isle of MullNatural Sites

England's north west has possibly the best scenery in England in the form of the beautiful Lake District National Park. Glorious panoramas, stunning views and endless hiking possibilities make this place one not to be missed!

Isle of MullUnique Activities

The north west's diversity make this page a packed one! Attractions includes everything from Britain's biggest ammusement park, World class galleries and museums, the worlds most famous football team, Britains biggest zoo to the Beatrix Potter museum!
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