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South East England Attractions and Activities

Isle of Mull Historic Landmarks

Visit the castles page for the many castles here but the South East's real draw is for the rich naval history. Here you can see Nelson's HMS Victory and Henry VIII's wreck the Mary Rose. Some of Britain's top Cathedrals such as Canterbury are also in this region.

Isle of MullCastles and Forts

As main point of attack, Britain's south coast has an abundance of castle and forts. We've only listed a few of them on this page but they include one of the largest occupied castles Arundel, and one of the oldest around at Portchester in Portsmouth.

Isle of MullUnique Activities

A ferry visit to the lovely Isle of Wight is a great unique activity of the south east. The area's naval history lends itself to an abundance of military themed interactive museums and exhibits.
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