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Destination: Bath Tours

Gorgeous ancient city with Roman Baths
Region: South West England
Time to spend here: 3 hours - full day
Historic townHistory loversSpa town
Bath, South West England

Bath owes its importance to its hot springs, which are unique in Britain. The Romans built a great bathing complex here, and the site (now of world heritage status) includes the most impressive Roman remains in Britain and one of the best preserved Roman spas in the world. The Pump Room directly above the Roman Baths offers an opportunity to drink the spa water, or have traditional afternoon tea there.

A visit to Bath must include the majestic Royal Crescent as well as the city’s other famous landmark, the Pulteney Bridge, which is lined with tiny shops in an Italianate style. Bath Abbey is beautiful both inside and out, and you can also take a tour including 220 steps to the bell tower. But, Bath is not all about the history. The city also hosts a great choice of Theatre entertainment, and has a great array of fine dining options.

Local Activities
The Royal Crescent
Royal CrescentThe Royal Crescent is perhaps Bath’s most well known landmark – a majestic curved terrace of 30 Georgian style houses built in 1767. One of the houses has been restored to show how it would have looked back then.
Roman Baths
Roman Baths Tour, Bath
Royal CrescentA visit to The Roman Baths gives you a fascinating insight into Roman times 2000 years ago, includes archaeological finds as well as audio guide and walk-through museum. 
Thermae Bath Spa
Thermae Bath Spa, Bath
Royal CrescentThermae Bath Spa is a day spa where you can bathe in the warm, natural mineral-rich waters and choose from a range of spa treatments designed to ease the body and soothe the mind.
Herschel Museum of Astronomy
RHerschel Museum, Bath
Royal CrescentThe Herschel Museum of Astronomy is in the house where 18th century astronomer William Herschel lived.
Guided Tours
Guided Tour of Bath
Royal CrescentBath has a number of companies offering guided tours around the city though the best way to see the city is through an open top bus tour. Discounted tickets can be included in your Great British Trip
What can I see in the area?
Prior Park Gardens
Royal CrescentPrior Park Gardens on the outskirts of Bath, has one of only four Palladian bridges of this type in the world.  The garden is set in a sweeping valley where visitors can enjoy magnificent views of Bath. You can take a 6 mile walk including beautiful woodlands, meadows and an iron-age fort.
City of Wells
City of Wells
Royal CrescentThe city of Wells - 20 miles south-west of Bath is England’s smallest city.  The main draws of this picturesque city are the magnificent medieval cathedral, with its wonderful astronomical clock dating from 1392, which can be heard to strike on the hour; and the moated Bishops Palace which dates back to the 13th century.
Wooky Hole
Wooky Hole, Somerset
Royal CrescentTo the north of the city is Wooky Hole, where the eroded carboniferous limestone has formed over 25 fasciating caverns, which at one time were home to bears, and wooly mammoths.
Castle Combe
Castle Coombe Village
Royal CrescentCastle Combe; north of Bath is one of the prettiest villages in England with buildings dating from the 15th and 16th centuries.
Multi-attraction Passes Recommended for this destination:
Hudson Heritage Explorer Pass
Hudson Explorer pass

This is a great base for exploring:
The Cotswolds, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Salisbury
Transport options in this area: Bath can be explored easily on foot or by sightseeing bus and reached by train or car.
Did you know:
Bath was the setting for Jane Austen's novels, "Persuasion" and "Northanger Abbey"
"Your father's state of health must be a great drawback. Why does not he try Bath? Indeed he should."

Emma, Jane Austen
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