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Destination: Nottingham Tours

Midlands small city and home to legendary Robin Hood.
Region: Central England
Pronounced: not-ing-am
Time to spend here: 3 hours - 1 day
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Nottingham, Central England

Today Nottingham has one of the most stylish urban environments with more café-bars and elegant restaurants than any city of the same size.  Despite its modern sophistication, history is never far away, with many reminders of Nottingham's legendary hero Robin Hood and his historic adversary the Sheriff of Nottingham. The Sheriff of Nottingham still has an important role in 21st century civic life, working alongside the Lord Mayor to represent the city.  The city is also famous for its lace shops and factories which were internationally renowned following the industrial revolution. Among Nottingham's important historical sites and features are its unique labyrinth of caves under the city, the splendid mansion that is now Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery, and the spot where Charles I raised his standard to begin the English Civil War.

Local Activities
Galleries of Justice
Galleries of Justice, Nottingham
Galleries of JusticNottingham’s Lace Market district is renowned for its opulence, breath-taking architecture and hotels, and restaurants and bars of outstanding quality. The Shire Hall building is home to The Galleries of Justice which give a history of the judicial system in medieval times – when it was the only place in the UK where you could be tried, incarcerated and hanged on the front steps.
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham
Galleries of JusticYe Olde Trip to Jerusalem is arguably Britain’s oldest pub dating back over 800 years. The atmospheric pub is carved into the rock on which Nottingham Castle stood.
Nottingham Castle Museum and Gallery
Nottingham Castle Museum and Gallery
Galleries of JusticAt the Nottingham Castle Museum and Art gallery, house historical and contemporary collections of silver, glass, ceramics and fine art. Set in beautiful Victorian gardens, you can see the old castle ruins and  many man-made caves and tunnels under the castle, some of which date back to medieval times. Visitors can take a guided tour into the caves, visit King David’s dungeon and the old wine cellar.
What can I see in the area?
Wollaton Hall
Wollaton Hall, Nottingham
Galleries of Justic3 miles west of the city centre, Wollaton Hall is one of the most ornate Tudor buildings in Britain. The hall dates back to 1558 and contains Nottingham’s free Natural History and Industrial Museums within its grounds which also include a 500-acre deer park.
Creswell Crags
Creswell Crags, Nottingham
Galleries of JusticCreswell Crags is a limestone gorge with caves. Stone tools and remains of animals found in the caves by archaeologists plus Britain's only known Ice Age Cave Art, provides a glimpse into life during the last Ice Age.
Newstead Abbey
Newstead Abbey, Nottingham
Galleries of JusticNewstead Abbey was once home to the great poet Lord Byron.  The beautiful house is set in landscaped gardens containing lakes, ponds and waterfalls.
The Attenborough Nature Centre
The Attenborough Nature Centre, Nottingham
Galleries of JusticThe Attenborough Nature Centre opened by Sir David Attenborough in 2005, is an award winning visitor and education facility. An intricate network of habitats provides food, shelter and freedom from disturbance for many important wildlife species. Friendly and knowledgeable staff plus an audio trail provide you with plenty of information.
Multi-attraction Passes Recommended for this destination:
Hudson Heritage Explorer Pass

Hudson Heritage Explorer Pass
This is a great base for exploring:
Peak National Park, Stafford (Pottery)
Transport options in this area: Nottingham has good rail links and bus network. If you wish to explore outside the city a car is the eaiest way.
Did you know:
Nottingham County FC is the worlds oldest professional Football Club
From the region:
William Booth
(Founder Salvation Army)
Torville and Dean
(Ice dancers)
peaks cambridge
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