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Destination: Pembrokeshire Tours

Description: Breathtaking Welsh coastal region with views, walks, beaches and history.
Region: South West Wales
Pronounced: pem-bruk-sher
Time to spend here: 1 - 3 days
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Pembrokeshire, Wales
PembrokeshirePembrokeshire and St David's

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park on the south west tip of Wales is a spectacular coastal region, surrounded on three sides by the sea.  As well as more blue flag beaches than any other county in Britain, it also has the delightful seaside towns of Tenby and St Davids. Offshore, the marine nature reserve islands of Skomer, Skokholm and Grassholm are home to over half a million seabirds including colonies of puffins, guillemots, gannets and cormorants plus dolphins, porpoises and seals.

Named after the patron saint of Wales, St Davids is an ancient cathedral settlement going back 14 centuries, and is also Britain’s smallest city with a population of under 2000. The main focus of the city is its beautiful 12th century cathedral.  The narrow streets of this small settlement are home to a vast array of galleries, restaurants and cafe bars.  You will see the flag of St David flying here and around Wales – a gold cross on a black background.

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In and around Pembrokeshire
St Davids Cathedral and Bishop's Palace
St Davids Cathedral, Pembrokeshire
St David'sThe 12th century Cathedral, built from beautiful local stone that gives it an unusual pink and grey colouring, is a must see. There have been cathedrals built earlier on the site, but Viking attacks destroyed several earlier structures.  The Bishop’s Palace built in the 14th century lies across the river from the cathedral and the grand architecture shows the power and wealth of the medieval church.
Bosherston Lakes
Bosherston Lakes, Pembrokeshire
St David'sThe Bosherston Lakes are 3 flooded limestone valleys which are best known for their carpet of lilies (best in June) which covers the lakes. A footpath winds its way around the banks and takes visitors to the spectacular beach at Broad Haven South. These beautiful freshwater lakes are home to otters, wildfowl and dragonflies and part of a National Nature Reserve.
Caldey Island
Caldey Island, Pembrokeshire
St David'sCaldey Island is off the coast of Tenby in the south and can be reached by boat from there. Caldey Abbey which sits on the Island is home to Cisterian Monks who farm the island and make the famous Caldey Perfume and chocolate.
Carew Castle and Tidal Mill
Carew Castle and Mill, Pembrokeshire
St David'sOne of Pembrokeshire's finest castles, this beautiful Norman Stronghold later became and Elizabethan Manor House before being partly destoryed during the Civil War. The site also houses a fascinating Tidal Mill which can be seen working today.
Castell Henllys Iron Age Fort
Castell Henlly's, Pembrokeshire
St David'sCastell Henllys is an absolute hidden gem and massive favourite of our GBT team! This iron age fort sits on top of a hill and has been lovingly reconstructed using iron age methods and materials in the surrounding area. It's an incredible glimpse into Iron Age life and feels just like stepping back thousands of years.
Pembroke Castle
Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire
St David'sPembroke Castle, was the birth place of Henry VII and is one of the most magnificent medieval monuments in Britain. Made even more popular by the recent 'White Queen' series, exploring the castle will provide hours of fun for the whole family. Exhibitions and tableaux recount the castle's fascinating history, from the arrival of the Normans in 1093 to the present day.
Ramsey Island
Ramsey Island, Pembrokeshire
Dolphin and Whale boat trips
Dolphin and Whale Watching off Ramsey, Pembrokeshire
St David'sSt Davids Peninsula has some of the most magnificent coastal scenery in Pembrokeshire. A RIB sightseeing boat trip is a wonderful way to explore the coast and a guide will take you to the local Ramsey Island and coastal inlets where Atlantic Seals and some of Britain's rarest seabirds live in abundance such as Puffins and Guillemots. Nearby dolphin and whale watching trips are also available.
Freshwater West
Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire
St David'sOne of the best surf beaches in Britain, this stunning piece of coastline is a beautiful, wind swept exposed beach and one of the most consitant surf spots in Wales. This stretch of beach also boasts another claim to fame, it was used in both the recent Robin Hood movie and the forthcoming Harry Potter finale movies. For surfers and movie buffs alike, this great location is a must on your specialised tour of Britain.
Skomer Island
Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire
St David'sSkomer Island is an incredible marine life reserve which is home to a variety of sea-birds including the Puffin as well as a large grey seal colony.
Multi-attraction Passes Recommended for this destination:
Cadw Welsh Heritage Pass
CADW Welsh Heritage pass
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Transport options in this area: The area really needs to be explored with a vehicle or as part of a day tour with a driver or guide.
Did you know:

St David's is the smallest city in the UK!
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