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Destination: Salisbury (Stonehenge) Tours

Description: Historic town with ancient stone circles of Stonehenge and Avebury nearby
Region: South West England
Pronounced: solz-berree
Time to spend here: 3 hours - 1 day
Historical TownHistory Lovers
Salisbury, South West England

Salisbury is most famous for having one of Britain’s great Cathedrals and indeed the tallest spire of any Cathedral in England. The medieval city of Salisbury set in typically English countryside has a range of  architecture from timber framed Tudor buildings to Georgian and Victorian styles. All this history combined with a modern cafe culture make it a perfect destination to explore. The tourist office also offer a decent city tour.

Apart from Salisbury’s own attractions it is also a great base for exploring the many local delights such as Europe’s most famous ancient site Stonehenge as well as a number of other historic sites including the the World heritage stone circle at Avebury.

Local Activities
Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral, South West England
Salisbury CathedralSalisbury Cathedral has been called England’s most perfect Cathedral. Set within eight acres of lawn the 13th century cathedral has England’s tallest spire, which can be climbed. The cathedral also offers hidden artworks, including the best preserved original Magna Carta. The cathedral was the inspiration and filming location for the recent bestseller and TV drama Ken Follett's 'Pillars of the earth'.
Mompesson House
Mompesson House, Salisbury
Salisbury CathedralNearby the cathedral, across the Cathedral Close is Mompesson house, featured in the award-winning Holywood movie 'Sense and Sensibility'. Visitors can step back in time as they enter this perfectly proportioned Queen Anne house. The tranquil atmosphere is enhanced by the magnificent plasterwork, fine period furniture and graceful oak staircase.
Old Sarum
Old Sarum, Salisbury
Salisbury CathedralOld Sarum was a huge Iron Age fort re-used by the Romans, Saxons and Normans before becoming a flourishing medieval settlement, which was the original site of Salisbury. You can see ruins of a castle, cathedral and Royal palace as well as enjoying views of the surrounding countryside. English Heritage
Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum
Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum
Salisbury CathedralThe Salisbury and South Wiltshire museum includes an interactive Stonehenge gallery and many historical artefacts, paintings and ceramics.
What can I see in the area?
Salisbury CathedralStonehenge is Britain’s most iconic archaeological site and is also one of Britain’s greatest mysteries. Despite a number of theories nobody really knows why the Pre-historic Britons built it some 5000 years ago. Stonehenge is understandably one of our most popular destinations and can be visited easily from Salisbury, Bath, London or if you have hired a car anywhere in the region. English Heritage
Avebury Stone Circle
Avebury Stone Circle
Salisbury CathedralAvebury, 20 miles to north of Stonehenge  provides a more intimate experience with history going back as far. While Stonehenge can get a bit crowded, Avebury gives the opportunity to walk among the huge circle of stones. The beautiful village has a museum containing prehistoric archaeological collections.
Longleat Safari Park
Longleat Safari Park
Salisbury CathedralLongleat Safari Park enables you to have some close encounters with some of the world’s most amazing animals as you drive through the park. A Safari Bus tour service is available for visitors who come by public transport, or who do not wish to drive round.
Multi-attraction Passes Recommended for this destination:
English heritage Pass

English Heritage pass
Hudson Heritage Explorer Pass

Hudson Heritage Explorer Pass
This is a great base for exploring:
Cotswolds, Bath
Transport options in this area: Salisbury town is small and easy to walk. Buses can take visitors to Stonehenge but a vehicle is needed to go further.
Did you know:
It has been estimated that the construction of Stonehenge required more than thirty million hours of labour.
"Stonehenge, where the demons dwell Where the banshees live and they do live well, Stonehenge"

Spinal Tap
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