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Destination: St Andrew's and Dundee Tours

Description: Home of golf, Scotlands oldest university and Scotlands 4th largest city.
Region: Scotland
Pronounced: saynt and-rews & dun-dee
Time to spend here: 1/2 day each
Big CityHistorical Town
St Andrews & Dundee, Scotland
St AndrewsSt Andrew's and Dundee

Dundee, founded in the 12th century, grew due to a combination of weaving, whaling and ship building. The city already had many skilled in weaving, so when whale oils could be used to soften the jute, brought from India in the large fast ships constructed here, Dundee became the jute capital of the world. After the decline of these industries, Dundee diversified into confectionary and jam production and Scotland’s 4th largest city continues to adapt well to economic ups and downs.  The city also brought us the comics: Beano and Desperate Dan. Indeed a statue of Desperate Dan stands proud in the city square. Dundee has a number of great attractions, including the fascinating Verdant works which tells the story of the city’s jute industry and the RRS Discovery – Captain Scott’s Antarctic ship which was built here in 1901. The city has a lively arts scene and a blossoming cultural quarter where thought-provoking art and literature sit alongside cosmopolitan cinema and theatre.

St Andrew's (which after 600 years without an apostraphe gained it's ' making St Andrews St Andrew's in April 2013) is an ancient university city with a rich history and famous throughout the world for its golf course.

Local Activities
RRS Discovery
RRS Discovery, Dundee
St AndrewsAt Discovery Point climb aboard Captain Scott's ship RRS Discovery where you’ll follow in the footsteps of Scott and his crew, see how they lived and witness their hardships and triumphs in one of the most heroic voyages of exploration ever undertaken.
Verdant Works
Verdant Works, Dundee
St AndrewsVerdant Works weaves the tale of jute with the life and work of old Dundee, from the incredible rise of the industry to its subsequent decline. Interactive displays and multi-media presentations take you back more than 100 years when jute was king and Dundee was in its realm.   
HM Frigate Unicorn
HM Frigate Unicorn, Dundee
St AndrewsHM Frigate Unicorn Launched in 1824 was a fast and powerful warship, built in the period between the traditional wooden ship and the iron steamships, and remains one of the six oldest ships in the world.
Sensation Science Centre
Sensation Science Centre, Dundee
St AndrewsSensation is the only Science centre in the UK based on the 5 senses. Science is brought to life in many child friendly and imaginative ways.
What can I see in the area?
Glamis Castle
Glamis Castle, Dundee
St AndrewsGlamis Castle (12 miles north of Dundee) is a beautiful Scottish castle famed for being the childhood home of the late Queen mother and the setting for Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. Set in beautiful grounds with the Grampian hills behind, the castle also offers a guided tour.
The Old Course, St Andrew's
The Old Course, St Andrews
St AndrewsThe small town of St Andrew's (a short train ride south from Dundee) is probably most famous throughout the world as being the ‘Home of Golf’. The famous ‘Old Course’ can be played on – that is when it’s not hosting a major Golf championship.  
British Golf Museum
British Golf Museum
St AndrewsThe British Golf Museum just near the Old Course. Imaginative exhibitions, hands on activities and stunning multimedia displays bring to life over 500 years of golfing history.
St Andrew's Medieval Centre
St Andrews, Scotland
St AndrewsThe Medieval centre of St Andrews has many narrow alleys and cobbled streets, one of which leads to the now ruined St Andrews Cathedral, which was once the largest in Scotland. Next to it the Church of St Regulus, has a spiral staircase which you can climb to the top of an 108-foot tower offering stunning views of the town and its surroundings.
St Andrew's University
St Andrew's University
St AndrewsSt Andrews University, founded in 1412 is the oldest in Scotland and still one of the top universities in Britain, often compared with Oxford and Cambridge. It has had a number of famous graduates including Prince William.
Multi-attraction Passes Recommended for this destination:
Historic Scotland Pass
Historic Scotland Pass
This is a great base for exploring:
Dundee, St Andrew's
Transport options in this area: Local buses serve the area but a day tour is probably the easiest way to see the area without a vehicle.
Did you know: St Andrew's was spelt without an apostrophe until 2013 when after centuries without it was finally added. This is because when the town was originally named apostrophe's did not exist!
"St Andrews 17th - The reason the Road Hole is the greatest par four in the world is because it's a par five."
Sports Illustrated (1984)
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