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Destination: Stirling Tours

Description: Historic city and site of most of Scotland's major battles
Region: Scotland
Pronounced: ster-ling
Time to spend here: 1/2 - 1 day
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Stirling, Scotland

Stirling has always been at the heart of history in Scotland. It was the site of some of the most famous battles for independence against the English. It is also the place where Scottish monarchs ruled for three centuries. William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson in the Oscar-winning movie Braveheart, is commemorated in the 220ft high tower of the National Wallace Monument.

Stirling’s famous castle provides stunning views of the historic battle fields. Below the castle winding cobbled streets in the Old Town play host to the finest concentration of historic buildings in Scotland, including many beautifully preserved medieval and Renaissance churches.  The 'Back Walk' is a scenic pathway around the Castle and Old Town to rival the city walls of York or Chester.
Local Activities
Stirling Castle
YStirling Castle, Scotland
Stirling CaslteStirling Castle is probably the grandest castle in Scotland, and a symbol of Scottish independence. Great Scottish figures such as William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and Mary Queen of Scots have all been associated with the castle. The Visitor Centre includes a great audiovisual presentation about the castles history and architecture.
Argyll's Lodging
Argyll's Lodge, Stirling
Stirling CaslteThe guided tours of Argyll’s lodging just outside the castle show you the partial restoration of this impressive town house and give you a sense of how it would have looked during the 1600s.
The Old Town Jail
Old Town Jail, Stirling
Stirling CaslteAt The Old Town Jail you can discover how the Victorians made sure that crime didn’t pay. Inside you might discover what it is like to get on the wrong side of the prison warden and meet the convict determined to escape.
The Church of the Holy Rude
Church of the Holy Rude, Stirling
Stirling CaslteThe Church of the Holy Rude is the second oldest building in Stirling after the castle. Founded in 1129 the parish church was the location for the coronation of King James VI in 1597. 
Wallace Monument
Wallace Monument, Stirling
Stirling CaslteAt the Wallace Monument you can follow the story of Sir William Wallace - patriot, martyr, and Guardian of Scotland; and take in the stunning view of seven famous battlegrounds.  
What can I see in the area?
Bannockburn Heritage Centre
Bannockburn Heritage Centre, Scotland
Stirling CaslteThe Bannockburn Heritage Centre will give you a great insight into Robert the Bruce’s famous defeat of Edward II’s English army (which was 10 times the size of the Scots) at the Battle of Bannockburn, through an exhibition and audiovisual display.  
Doune Castle
Doune Castle, Stirling
Stirling CaslteDoune Castle, built at the end of the 1300s is one of the best preserved castles of its era in Scotland. It was also used in filming Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and has subsequently become a place of pilgrimage for Python fans!
Callandar, Trossachs
Stirling CaslteWest of Doune, the town of Callander set against a beautiful highland backdrop serves as one of the gateways to the Trossachs.  The town has many craft and woollen shops as well as the Rob Roy Centre which has an exhibition and film about the legendary local outlaw.
Queen Elizabeth Forest Park
Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Trossachs
Stirling CaslteQueen Elizabeth Forest Park, adored by walkers is around 10 miles to the west of Callandar. Nearby is Loch Katrine which is considered to be in the heart of the Trossachs. You can sail onboard the historic Steamship Sir Walter Scott and have the legends of the beautiful loch narrated to you by a member of the ship’s crew.
Multi-attraction Passes Recommended for this destination:
Historic Scotland Pass

Historic Scotland pass
This is a great base for exploring:
Trossachs National Park
Transport options in this area: Stirling can be explored on foot although many streets are very steep. The wider area needs a vehicle or day tour.
Did you know: Legend has it in the 9th century a howling wolf saved the town of Stirling from a Danish attack. In gratitude, the symbol of the wolf is commemorated on the burgh coat of arms.
"Stirling is the twin brother of Edinburgh."
H.V. Moston
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