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Whilst the Middle East may be a great place to visit in terms of Biblical Heritage sites, as far as Church Heritage goes we believe there's no better place to begin than England.

In the East of England in particular lies a suprising region which can boast almost 2000 years of church history, starting from the early Christian Church, through the age of the great medieval cathedrals, moving on to Thomas Cranmer and the English Reformation, the Pilgrim Fathers, the first miracles and martyrs of the Quakers, the origins of the Baptist Church, Methodism and the Salvation Army, not to mention the modern-day churches!

It's hard to believe that all of this is packed into a single region but stretching from Boston on the East coast to Lincoln, Gainsborough and the ‘Pilgrim Country’ around Retford, the history and heritage in this area is almst tangible and an incredible journey for anyone interested in the origins of their church, their faith or the early Christian Church.

Working alongside a local church-based organisation, Great British Trips are able to take your group on guided journeys through the region and to other sites of significant Christian Heritage throughout the British Isles. Local experts and historians will show your group the sites as well as provide lively and interesting historical presentations. There's even chance to meet with the local churches for fellowship and time together.

Whatever your requirements, anything is possible. A visit to the region could form part of Christian Heritage Tour to Britain, a Church Holiday, a Bible School Study Tour or simply part of a leisure tour. Below are some suggestions for potential itineraries which can be taken as they are or modified to suit your own needs. If this is something that interests you, please don't hesitate to get in touch and let us know. Together we can create something perfect for the needs of your group.


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