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Where should I visit on a UK Tour?

The British Isles are quite literally packed with thousands of incredible attractions, towns, villages, cities, monuments, parks, views, and all kinds of incredible unique features. From the world renowned pre-historic heritage sites such as Stonehenge or the Callanish Standing Stones on the Isle of Lewis to the Maritime history such as the HMS Victory or London's Cutty Sark, the possibilities are almost endless. Our website is desinged to help you choose the best destinations for you and your travelling companians no matter what your interest or requirements are.

Below we have outlined different ways to search and add elements to your unique tour itinerary but our most popular way is by using the map below. Our pages contain information about almost 70 areas of the UK that our customers wish to visit and you can see those pages by selecting a region from the map below.

Click on a region to find out more uk map Scotland North East England North West England Central England London South East England South West England Wales Scotland North East England North West England Wales Central England South West England South East England London


Do I have to create my own UK Tour?

No not at all! We have a great selection of ready made tour of the Biritish Isles for you. All but the group tours can be tailored precisely to your requirements so you can even use these itineraries as a great starting point for your tour. Just let us know what you want to do!

Which Region should I choose?

The great thing about a British Isles tour with Great British Trips is that you're not limited to visiting just 1 or 2 regions though of course you can if you want to!

England - If you simply want to visit England or get some more detailed information about each of our English regions, this page is the ideal starting point for you.

South West England - England's South West region is known for having the best weather in the UK and is also home to some of the greatest beaches. With few large cities and lots of history, this region includes the ever-popular Stonehenge, the ancient Roman hot spa city of Bath, and coastline which rivals anywhere in the world!

South East England - The South East region stands strong in the 'naval' and 'historical' categories. It is home to Britain's Naval capital Portsmouth, England's first capital city Winchester, the site of our most historical battle in 1066 Hastings, and some phenomenal cathedrals and castles including Canterbury, Leeds Castle, Arundel Castle and Chichester Cathedral.

London - A must for most first time visitors to Great Britain, the London region inevitably contains many of our most recognisable buildings, monuments and landmarks. Our London region includes the historic area of Greenwich and the home of our Royal Family in Windsor.

Central England - This region is a key 'literary' region as well as being in many way quintessentially English. This regions contains Stratford on Avon which is famous for being the home of William Shakespeare and it also contains 2 of the world's oldest and most prestigious universities; that of Oxford and Cambridge. The Cotswolds sit in this region and show off our beautiful rustic villages and ancient towns as well as the rolling green hills.

North West England - This is the region to visit if you are into sport or spectacular scenery. The region is home to the cities of Manchester and Liverpool which between them play host to some of the world's most famous football clubs as well as the pop group the Beatles. Further north, the Lake District national Park has incredible views and boasts England's highest mountain.

North East England - The North East has a mix of everything with several beautiful National Parks, incredible coastline, ancient castles such as Alnwick (aka Hogwarts), rolling hills and old English villages in Yorkshire, Ancient Cathedrals in Durham and York and of course the incredible Viking history in one of Britain's most beautiful old cities York.

Scotland - Ever popular, Scotland is home to the wonderful cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as spectacular Highlands, rugged coastline and beautiful remote islands. An essential for whisky lovers, golf fanatics and those who simply want to get away from it all.

Wales - If you're into great scenery, historic steam railways or ancient castles then Wales is the place for you. It's towns are charming, its people friendly, its countryside remote, in many ways it is simply idyllic.

Northern Ireland - If you want to visit Northern Ireland (or Ireland for that matter!) then hop across to our Great Irish Trips sister website. Birthplace of the Titanic and home to the incredible Giant's Causeway national park, this region can be added to your Great British Trips just like any from this website.

Other ways to search for your destinations

If you're unsure which regions to visit, you may wish to search for destinations using our 'theme' option. This way you can see the places you may wish to visit depending on your particular interests.

Search Destinations by theme >>

You may well have particluar attractions in mind to visit rather than destinations. If you wish to plan your tour around attractions, you can see our attractions listed by region here.

See Top Regional Attractions >>

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