What transport will I use on my tour?


union jack carThere are lots of options for transport on your tour and it's our job to select the most appropriate types of ground transport for you and your budget. Whilst some people prefer to use the same type throughout the trip such as self-drive, most of our customers prefer a combination. This allows us to select the most suitable transport type for the destination your visiting.

For example, in a city such as London many people choose to have a private transfer on arrival and then to explore London using the excellent Underground Transport system. From London, the best form of transport often depends on the destination. If you were for example to travel to Canterbury, this is a small pedestrian only city so it makes sense to take a short train from London and walk around the city. If on the other hand you were to travel from London to South Wales, you may prefer a car as these destinations are slightly easier to explore with your own vehicle. The car could be hired from London or you could take a train to Wales and collect your car upon arrival. If on the other hand you don't want to drive in South Wales, don't worry. There are alternatives! These can include small minibus day tours out of Cardiff or a private driver guide for a day. Whatever you want to see and wherever you would like to go, there is always a way!

At Great British Trips we can provide you with the best value flexible rail travel, National Express coach transport, coach based day tours from many UK locations, Self-drive car hire and GPS from hundreds of UK locations with flexible drop off points, private driver guided tours, guided walking tours and airport transfers. We work with dozens of approved transport operators, guides and companies in every corner of the UK so you really don't need to worry about the transport. The only question for you is to drive or not to drive?

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