When to come to the UK

Britain has a fairly changeable climate and can sometimes be quite overcast. However, we do enjoy beautiful long summer evenings throughout the country and it’s likely to have periods of fine weather in every season.
The weather can vary greatly from day to day, but generally summer (June-August) is around 14-30 °C, and winter (December-February) can drop to -5°C and not usually climb higher than 5°C. There is quite a difference in temperature between Scotland and Southern England. Generally, the further south, the warmer you will find it!

See the weather forecast in Britain for the next 5 days

The Seasons

Whatever the season, the British weather is liable to change from day to day. This means if the sun’s not out when you wake up, you may still see it later in the day. Britain is beautiful to visit at any time of year but the tourist season peaks out in July and August due to the warmer weather. However, our driest and in some ways the nicest overall time to visit is early Autumn (September).

Spring (March - May)
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In spring, it’s easy to think summer’s arrived one day and winter’s returned the next. You can enjoy wonderful sunny weather, but it can also be cool, wet or even snowy! Temperatures fluctuate from around 6 - 11 °C. Although April and May can have very warm days - up to about 18 °C.
Summer (June - Aug)
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Most days in summer are warm to hot, but evenings can be cool. Temperatures average around 14 - 30 °C, although it can be up to around 35 °C on some days.
Autumn (Sept - Nov)
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In autumn there can be very warm days, but equally there can be cool ones too. Temperatures fluctuate around the 7 - 18 °C mark, but are likely to be much warmer and dryer in September than November.
Winter (Dec - March)
Winter sees Britain's shortest and coolest days (about 7-8 hours of daylight) but these can be crisp, bright and some of the most beautiful days. Temperatures fluctuate from around -5 to 5 °C. 
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