Who are Great British Trips?

How we got started

Our company was started by a married couple after a trip around the world inspired them to create a company that helped travellers to Britain who don't want to take a set coach tour.
Meet the Team

As a small business we have a wonderful team of dedicated professionals who work closely together for the benefit of our customers. You can find out here a little more about who you may be talking to over email!
Social Responsibility

Great British Trips is run with the utmost integrity, and highest moral values and as such we take our Social Responsibility very seriously. Through our profits we support 3 main charities that incorporate Economic, Social and Enviromental causes.
Green Policy

It is vital to us that the company is run in the most ethical way possible and part of this is done through our green policy. The environment matters to us and the cost of travel on the environment is a major concern for us. Find out here what we are doing to offset the environmental costs of encouraging our customers to travel to Britain.
Finanical Protection

A key concern for many customers is the safety of their money. No one wants to pay for a holiday only to discover that the agency they booked with have gone out of business. Find out here how we protect your money.

If you are wondering what experiences others have had through Great British Trips, this page is full of testimonials and messages from customers who have travelled with us from all corners of the globe. We are extremely proud of our customer service record and a quick internet search should show you that people only have good things to say!
How we work

If you're after more detailed information about how a Great British Trips may work - for example how do we make our money and what can we do and not do, this is the page for you.
What is costs

We're often asked about pricing and 'what we charge'. Have a look here to understand how pricing works and where we make our money.
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