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Design your own Tour with Great British Trips

What elements can you choose yourself?
What can we include?
DatesBudgetTimingTransportAccommodationDetiantionsAttractionshire carhotelsmealsrailspecialsportstheatre
How does it work?
1. Add as many (or as few) elements you wish to include in your tour to your itinerary using the 'add to itinerary' button  Start here >>
2. When you're happy, send your itinerary to us using the 'My Itinerary' page. Include any other information that we need to know on this page (alternatively simply email us your requirements)
3. We will get in touch with you in the next few days with an initial itinerary suggestion based on your requirements and a package price for that tour.

Other useful information
Accommodation Information
At Great British Trips we work extremely hard to find the best accommodation providers, build great relationships and make sure that we always recieve the best possible rate which usually represents a significant saving that we pass on to our customers. As such, when we provide you with your itinerary we let you know where you will be staying so that you can look them up for yourselves just for extra reassurance. On the 'My Itinerary' information you're able to specify the comfort level you wish to stay at and if there are particular hotels that you wish to stay at (or don't wish to stay at!) you can simply let us know that information too! We're not limited to a particular brand or chain so you have as much control over your tour as you would like.

Transport Information
MinibusYour tour transport options are wide and varied throughout your tour. You may choose to use one type of transport throughout such as car-hire or you may wish to vary the transport to best suit the places you are visiting and the style you wish to travel. Transport options include self-drive, train, coach, ferry, private driver and mini-bus with driver for small groups. For more information on transport see the following page.

What is a Self-Guided Tour?
Unless you specifically request a guide or Tour Leader for some or all of your tour, your trip will take the form of a 'self-guided' tour. This means that though you're travelling on your own, you're not on your own! We provide all our customers with a 24 hour emergency contact number in case something goes wrong.

So how do you know where to go? We provide every customer with a detailed information pack for which we receive rave reviews and are very proud. The information covers everything from itinerary details, maps and vouchers to detailed destination guides that tell you all you need to know about the places you're visiting.

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