Our Green Policy

Going Green!
Here at Great British Trips the environment is top of the agenda for us. Whilst we want people to visit and enjoy our stunning planet as much as possible, we also want it to be here for future generations to enjoy too. For this reason, our green policy is outlined as below but it doesn’t stop there. We’re constantly looking for new ways to be greener and not just to preserve what we have but to improve the environment around us.
A Green Office
Our office has a strong green policy. As well as operating as paperless as we possibly can, all our staff are local. Booking with us, you can be assured that making a booking with us is as eco-friendly as it can possibly be.
A Green Website
We worked hard to find a good web host with a strong green policy. Our web provider runs a 100% wind powered office and web servers. In addition they have various means of not only off-setting their carbon footprint, but they actually help the environment.
Green Transport
It was a tough decision but our corporate policy is not to fly within the UK. Not only is it extremely bad for the environment, but the UK is so small we feel it’s entirely unnecessary in most circumstances. We have an excellent rail and coach service which, if you include checking in time at the airport, can at times be a faster option than flying!
Green Tours
We carefully select all our accommodation and tours not only to give you the best possible experience, but to have minimum impact on the surroundings. We always check the green policies of suppliers and partners and strongly favour those who make most effort to offset any carbon emissions. We also find that usually the hotels which care most about the environment also care most about their customers!
Green Customers
However careful we are about going green here at GBT, there is always the issue that overseas visitors still need to fly here in the first place! Here at GBT for every customer who books with us we plant a tree in the 'Great British Trips Grove' as part of the re-forestation project in the Caledonian Forest (close to Loch Ness).
International Aid
Third World Poverty and Development are issues high on our agenda at GBT. As such we are members of Business Against Poverty, a community of businesses who through their engagement support the reduction of international poverty and who have a desire to change the lives of others.
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