What will my accommodation be like?

Hotel roomYour accommodation will be directly related to the standard or budget that you specify when submitting your itinerary to us. Generally we use hotels, B&B’s, guest houses or apartment Hotels but for schools groups or people who specify otherwise (self-catering for example) we use other accommodation providers such as hostels.

We offer 3 levels of accommodation as standard:

Comfort - Average 3*

Comfort level is our standard level of accommodation. It is suitable for families who wish to be comfortable without spending extravagant amounts of money on accommodation. Breakfast and Wi-fi is usually included and sports/health facilities are possible but not as standard.

Luxury - 4*

Our Luxury level is for those who wish to travel in style, but not quite bust the budget with an all out no expense spared tour.. Our Luxury Hotels normally include top restaurants, health and sports facilities and of course all the ammenities you would expect from an English 4* Hotel.

Luxury Plus - 4-5*

This option is for those who wish to travel first class all the way including hotels and trains. We get some fantastic deals with 5* hotels so this option may not be quite as costly as you would expect! Where possible we will use 5* but not all towns and cities have this option available.

Group Tours

If you have booked your group in to tour with us we do offer a third budget level of accommodation. This is usually hostels or B&B's though it's worth remembering that we have such good deals with some 3 and 4* hotels that these can sometimes work out cheaper than a hostel!

Am I limited to the standard I choose?

No! The best thing about a Great British Trips package is that you're not limited to anything. You may be on a budget tour but that doesn't mean you might not want a single, special night in luxury accommodation. This can be included very easily, just let us know in the 'anything else' box on your itinerary page.

Which hotel will I be staying at?

In each area of the UK you may wish to visit, we have partnered with an accommodation provider for each budget level. The hotels we use have been carefully handpicked based on their standard of accommodation, their service level, customer reviews, their green policy, their location and their price.

After selecting the best possible hotel for our customers, we have negotiated the best available rates for you, ensuring that you will not find better overall accommodation for your budget in the area.

When you receive your itinerary and price from us it will include the names of all the hotels we have quoted on so that if you wish you can look them up for yourself. If you're unhappy with the accommodation we are more than happy to change it before booking. Occasionally the hotel quoted on is unavailable by the time our customers confirm the booking. In this case we will always check that you are happy with an alternate hotel before making the booking.

Accommodation providers

If you are an accommodation provider and would like to talk to us about becoming an accommodation provider, please use the contact us page for ways to get in touch.
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